You won’t want to miss this – 3STEP Sports just released a multi-year national RFP on Playeasy for 2024-2026+! The nation’s largest and most impactful youth sports club and event operator, 3STEP Sports is looking to forge ongoing partnerships with Sports Destinations across the country to host several sporting events across multiple dates. The RFP is now live on Playeasy and includes key information 3STEP is looking for in new hosts. Be sure to read through the RFP page and start a conversation on Playeasy to see if your Destination could be a good fit!

Check out the RFP on Playeasy here.

Plus, reserve your spot at our webinar with 3STEP Sports on Thursday, August 10th at 2pm EST! Learn more about this exciting opportunity and hear from 3STEP on the partnerships they’re looking to create with Destinations. Click here to sign up.

*this webinar is exclusive to all Playeasy members*

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Reach out to 3STEP Sports on Playeasy here | Check out the RFP on Playeasy here