Conference season is here! These events are the perfect opportunity to show off your Playeasy profile to potential partners. As you run your events & gear up for conferences, Playeasy has released major updates across the platform to increase efficiencies & grow your organization. You can take the following quick actions to grow your brand on Playeasy & beyond. The best part is this content will never leave your profile – once it’s added, you’ll be all set to showcase your organization with Google-optimized, evergreen Playeasy profiles that will continually drive traffic.

First, if you don’t have a Playeasy profile, it’s completely free to Event Organizers. Click here to create a profile in just a few steps to start getting noticed by the sports tourism network prior to conferences.

It’s Almost Game Time – Before the Conference

Before you leave, there are a few actions you can take to ensure you’re in the best position to market your organization. After registering & setting your appointment calendar, research the Destinations you will be meeting with on Playeasy. Check out their facilities, past events they’ve hosted & all they have to offer. Next, be sure your organization’s Playeasy profile is up to date & fully enhanced. This will be your interactive tool at the conference to pitch all that you do & allow new connections to instantly view your content & follow you. Below are our top tips to get ready before you go –

Submit your Site Selection RFPs

  • Submit any upcoming RFPs on Playeasy prior to conferences to alert Destinations & Facilities of your event needs before meeting. It’s best practice to have all RFPs live to reference during conference meetings, & Playeasy RFPs are simple to pull up and share via desktop or mobile.
  • The SportsTravel Bid Bowl will be powered by Playeasy RFPs, meaning your RFPs will also be shown to their extensive audience. We’ll be in touch with more updates to come!

Check out an RFP on Playeasy | How to Post an RFP | Playeasy Site Selection Video

Update your Profile

  • Ensure your organization information is updated & fully filled out on your profile. Add an organization description, any supportive documents like RFP information, typical event information, event types & locations you’re interested in. 
  • Upload photos of your organization & past events to give Destinations & Facilities an idea of who you are & the types of events you run.
  • Be sure your contact information is updated including your headline, phone number & headshot so new partners know who to connect with on your team.
  • Create posts on Playeasy to directly reaching your target audience with ease. Organizations posting on Playeasy are receiving more profile views, meaning more visibility for you.

Check out a standout Event Organization profile on Playeasy | How to Update your Playeasy Organization Profile

Build your Event Marketplace 

  • Playeasy provides a custom Event Marketplace on your profile to show off upcoming & past events. These are located in the Upcoming Events & Event History tabs on your profile. Use the Event Portfolio to build credibility & interest with Destinations & grow your digital presence on Playeasy & search engines. Learn more here.
  • This is one of the top ways to get noticed both inside the platform & across the internet. All Playeasy pages, including Event pages, are optimized to appear higher in Google searches, meaning you’ll get found organically outside of the platform, too. Playeasy’s Leaderboard typically features profiles actively marketing events.
  • Conferences are the perfect time to show Destinations your Events to provide a comprehensive list of your successes & future endeavors. Think of this as a well-curated, interactive event resume.

Check out Snap Soccer’s Events on Playeasy | How to Market an Event

Print your Custom QR Codes

  • All of your Playeasy profiles have a custom shareable QR code that scans right to your content. Open this up by heading to your Organization profile. Under ‘Quick Links’ on the right, click ‘View QR Code Card’.
  • This image pulls from your profile’s header image & logo. Feel free to update those if you’d like to change your QR Code Card. Click ‘Download’ to save this image & print it to display at conferences. We recommend printing out your QR Code for your Organization & any events you’d like to promote.

Download The Playeasy App

  • The Playeasy Mobile App is your quarterback leading your team into the big game. The first thing you need to know is you can share your profile with the tap of a button. With the app, you have a custom QR code that links directly to your profile for Destinations to follow you, like your events & keep the connection going.
  • During your conversations, pull up your profile on the app to display your events & posts on the go. Encourage users to follow you on the app. Going forward, this means they will get alerted on your posts & events added to Playeasy.
  • The Playeasy app is now live in Apple’s App Store & the Google Play Store! Download today to level up your game.

Invite your team members

  • You get to decide who you want to have access to Playeasy from your team. You can add or take off as many managers as you’d like. Also, each team member will have an individual login, so there is no need to share login information.
  • For conferences, we recommend adding whichever team members will be attending with you. This way, they can showcase your organization’s profile themselves. They will also be listed as a contact on your page, so any new connections from conferences can directly message them following the event.

Time for Kickoff – During the Conference

Now that you’re all set up, it’s go time. Throughout the event, open the Playeasy app, head to your profile & tap the ‘share’ button on the top right next to the ‘follow’ + icon. This will pull up your own personal QR code & will bring attendees directly to your Playeasy profile in the app, or in their internet browser if they haven’t downloaded yet. Next, make sure they hit that + button to follow you on Playeasy. This will easily keep them in touch with you once the event is over. Be sure to display your printed custom QR Codes at your booth. Pro tip: print an extra to put in your badge!

After the Buzzer – After the Conference

When you return, we recommend following up with your new connections & contacts from your meetings. You can message these contacts directly on Playeasy to continue the conversation. Post on Playeasy & your socials to share about your experience & keep your brand top of mind. Also, market any events you find new hosts for to start building momentum & growing registration early.

Stay in Touch

We hope to see you at a conference this year! We are thrilled for you to utilize these features during your conferences. Be sure to utilize the Playeasy App & your profile as a marketing & connection tool during open marketplace time, networking sessions & 1×1 meetings. If you need any assistance on Playeasy’s new product features, contact us here. For more help information, click here.