As we all begin Fall conference and trade show travel around the country, the option to include a bit of ease on your travel plans for an affordable cost is attractive. Last year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reduced the PreCheck online renewal fee for the expedited screening program from $85 down to $70.

Those that choose to renew their TSA Pre- Check option in person will continue paying the $85 renewal fee. Additionally, the initial enrollment fee to join remains at $85 for five years.

Throughout 2022 over 95% of renewals have taken place online. Travelers have found the online option a convenient, quick, and easy way to continue membership in the program.

Our colleagues that use TSA PreCheck will confirm it is effectively an easy pass through many airports. TSA PreCheck allows evaluated travelers to be given simplified security screening at over 200 airports across the United States. TSA PreCheck passengers do not need to remove their shoes, laptops, or liquids from carry-on bags. Nor must they remove belts or lightweight jackets. Over 80 airlines take part in the TSA PreCheck program.

As if that’s not enough, the best feature of the TSA PreCheck program is the non-existent or reduced wait times for airport security. Especially welcome when traveling during the busy holiday seasons. TSA reports that 96% of all TSA Pre- Check passengers waited less than five minutes in the past month when going through security.

To obtain TSA PreCheck, travelers must fill out an application and apply online. Then visit an enrollment center for a background check and fingerprinting. First-time enrollment requires an $85 fee that covers the first five years in the program.

However, the $85 fee may not be required if you possess the right credit card. Credit cards from Chase, Capital One, and Citi cover the enrollment fees for cardholders. Check them out!

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