👋 Hey Destinations! The future of sports tourism is here. We have taken everything you do and created the digital tools to do it all more effectively right from your desk or your pocket. We believe that together we’re stronger. Our latest product release will further strengthen connections and introduce even more players to the platform. This new generation of Playeasy will connect the entire sports tourism ecosystem to sports consumers to engage through marketed sports events, fresh content and more. Introducing Playeasy 2.0 – the sporting events & tourism social network.

Bringing events to your city goes far beyond a simple transaction. From attracting new Event Organizers to finding a way to connect more with participants, we understand how much goes into the behind the scenes of a sporting event. In the past, there was no singular channel where you could reach your target audience effectively. With Playeasy 2.0, the platform will go beyond sales and lead generation to become sports tourism’s social network – encompassing marketing, advertising and boosting engagement.

You didn’t have to do a thing for these new and improved tools. Your existing profile and platform has already been updated into this 2.0 version.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can do:

Download the Playeasy App

The Playeasy app is your quarterback leading you into the big game. This is for you to discover new events and message new connections right from your pocket. Whether you’d like to find new leads for your Destination or plan a playcation of your own, the Playeasy app is in your corner.

The big thing you need to know is you can share your profile with the tap of a button. With the app, you have a custom QR code that links directly to your profile for Event Organizers to follow you, like your events, and keep the connection going. Encouraging users to follow you on the app means they will get alerted on your posts and events added to Playeasy.

The Playeasy app is now live in Apple’s App Store & the Google Play Store 🎉 Download today to level up your game.

Grow & engage your network with posting & following


Users can now follow your Destination profile and will get notified when you create new posts and market events on Playeasy. Follow profiles of interest to stay up to date on their posts, events and more. Your followers will get alerted when you post new content or events, so be sure to encourage individuals and organizations to hit that follow button. You can also follow the organizations on Playeasy you want to stay in touch with.

Invite your community to follow you by sharing a link to your profile with them.

Examples of who to invite to follow your Destination: Event Organizers you’ve worked with, Local Businesses that want to stay in the loop on events in your Destination, Volunteers looking for new opportunities & anyone else interested in sports in your Destination.

The Playeasy App Creates Custom Profile QR Codes
The Playeasy App Creates Custom Profile QR Codes

Post on Playeasy

Stay top of mind on the Playeasy network by posting. Notify Event Organizers about grant funding, announce new venue builds, volunteer opportunities and more. Engage your followers by posting regularly – we recommend getting a post out there once a week to stay top of mind. When you create a post or market an event, your followers will receive a custom branded email letting them know you posted content that day.

Examples of posts to your followers could include:

  • To Event Organizers: New initiatives and incentives like grant funding opportunities you’d like in front of Event Organizer eyes
  • To Volunteers: Post volunteer requests in your community for upcoming events you’re hosting.
  • To Local Businesses: Encourage local hotels and restaurants to follow you so they get alerted when events are coming to town and they can be prepared to market what they have to offer.
Post to the Playeasy Network to stay Top of Mind
Post to the Playeasy Network to stay Top of Mind


To strengthen your connections, Destinations can like RFPs and events. Only the Event Organizer will see that you have liked their RFPs and events. Users can also like Destination marketed Venues, so you can see who is interested in your Destination. Users will be able to like posts in the near future.

Market events to increase participants & visitors

Event Marketplace

Playeasy’s Event Marketplace connects sports planners to players, teams, and coaches to grow events and build relationships across the nation. Playeasy’s Event Organizers’ Marketed Events are automatically displayed on Playeasy’s filterable Event Marketplace, which will be accessed by thousands of teams and clubs through our partnership with TeamSnap.

Playeasy’s Event Marketplace

Event Portfolio

The Event Portfolio showcases the Marketed Events your Destination has hosted to build credibility and trust with Event Organizers. These are located in the Events tab on your Gold Destination profile and are grouped by past and upcoming events. Destinations and Event Organizers can tag other Playeasy users they are working with so the event will be added to both portfolios.

Search & Prospect Event Organizers with More Data Than Ever Before

On the mobile app, you can search 504 unique Event Organizations and 1,847 events to prospect good fits to bring to your Destination. Additionally, you can access an economic impact dashboard to see the aggregated event totals for Playeasy’s Event Organizers on their mobile profiles to make informed decisions.

Playeasy App: Event Organizer Economic Impact Dashboard
Playeasy App: Event Organizer Economic Impact Dashboard

Seamlessly Communicate with Instant Messaging


Messaging on Playeasy allows you to instantly reach out to Playeasy users to grow your business. With our new enhancements, users can start group messages and set their status to on or offline. With the app, messaging is even easier.

Messaging on the Mobile App
Messaging on the Mobile App

Showcase your Destination & Venues

Updated Profile Design

Updated Destination Profile Design
Updated Destination Profile Design

We took your feedback to ensure your profiles are best showcasing your brand all in one place. Your new profile has a sleek new design to better display your images, events and more. Social media icons will link directly to your Destination’s social channels, bringing more eyes to your own platforms.

Your profile was automatically updated to this new look. Now is a great time to review your Destination profile images and details to ensure you’re looking your best. From your manager view, editing and updating your profile is now even easier with the new dashboard. Here is an article breaking down all you can do on your new profile dashboard.

We can’t wait for you to check out this update! As always, we are here to assist you – feel free to reach out to support@playeasy.com with any questions.