The following updates were added to help you set up a stellar profile and attract event organizers to your destination and destination-marketed facilities!

Remember: The more details you provide about your destination, the more events you’re likely to book!

Destination Profile Updates

Add Your Facility Partners

You may have seen the “my venues” tab on the previous version of our site. This functionality allowed destinations to add the facilities they managed to their venue map. Now, this is a MANDATORY step. In order to ensure your destination-marketed facilities appear in a search on Playeasy’s destination marketplace, you MUST add them to your “Facility Partners” page.

Learn how to connect your destination-managed facilities here.

Playeasy Facility Marketplace

Facility Profile Updates

The following fields have been added to facility profiles to provide valuable, additional information for those looking to book:

Additional Fields

– Max Seating Capaxity

The number of spectators that can be seated during an event.

– Max Standing Capacity

The number of spectators that can stand during an event.

– Parking Information

This field informs organizers if your facility does or does not have parking. If you do have parking, you will be prompted to input how many available spaces you have.

– Year Established

Please input the year in which your facility was established.

– Facility Website

Now, we have a location where you can insert a link to your facility website for Playeasy users to learn more if necessary.

Learn more about updating additional fields here.

Tournament Ready

This section is meant to inform event organizers if your facility is capable of hosting a tournament. In order to be tournament ready, your facility should be prepared to host both athletes and spectators for multiple games ranging from one-day to multi-day events.

Learn more here.

Threshold360 Tours

You now have the ability to add a Threshold360 tour to your facility profile. This allows you to maximize your facility profile by providing viewers the opportunity to experience a virtual site visit.

Threshold360 tour

If you have a tour, learn how to embed it on your profile here.

Learn more about Threshold360 here.

Facility Space Type Enhancements

We know that some facilities have more than one space on property, so the following fields were added to enhance the description of your additional facilities.

– Name of Space

Please name each additional space within your facility complex.

– Max Seating and Standing Capacity

Once again, it is helpful to event organizers to include the number of spectators that can be seated and stand during an event.

– Square Footage

Insert the square footage of your facility here.

– Unique Space Type

This is meant to demonstrate if you can host multiple types of events in your facility.

Learn more about facility space type enhancements here.

Now that you have updated your destination profile, learn how to update your user profile here!