Ready to level up your event marketing game without breaking the bank? We’ve put together the top 5 reasons to market your events on Playeasy. With these simple event microsites, build your brand, centralize all event information & links in one place & direct traffic back to your website, all while accessing free marketing tools provided by your hosts. Discover it all below!

1. Gain free exposure across the internet

It’s completely FREE for you as an Event Organizer to market your events on Playeasy. In just 5 steps & 5 minutes, create your event microsite, centralize all of your event information, & rise to the top of Google – without having to dig into marketing dollars.

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2. Build your brand & create trust with new hosts

Take control of your brand. Your event microsites are automatically sorted into Playeasy’s Event Markeplace, which is seen by thousands of monthly visitors & 300+ Destination hosts. Your events also get added to your Organization profile, where prospective hosts can view the calendar of events you run to build credibility. 

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3. Bring more visitors back to your own website

You control where you send participants. You have the option to add your website link to every event page on Playeasy, building brand awareness & driving traffic directly where you want it.

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4. Use your own registration & ticket links

Any links from any provider! Your Playeasy event pages are your tool to centralize all of your links & information in one place for participants & spectators. Input any registration, ticket, or hotel booking links & track all clicks you receive in real-time!

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5. Access free marketing tools from your hosts on Playeasy

Destinations & Facilities taking advantage of Playeasy’s marketing tools are adding helpful information for sports participants to feature on your events. When you tag your host Destination & Facility, those with Places to Eat, Stay & Play & any local business promotions will automatically appear on your event pages to help participants & spectators plan their trip.

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Plus, track your growth & success!

Measure your results in real-time! Track the success of your marketing efforts on Playeasy with your own reports dashboard, so you can understand your results & your event reach.

Need an assist? We’re here to help! Reach out to our team here to learn how you can get started marketing your events on Playeasy.

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