Playeasy’s platform is unmatched when it comes to marketing your brand & winning you new business. What you might not see behind the scenes is the power of our technology & what it’s doing to grow your events at scale without the work.

Our technology works so you don’t have to –

Have you ever wondered how people get to the top of Google? When your webpages fulfill users’ search needs, search engines like Google rank your pages higher in results. Playeasy is investing in organic growth through extensive SEO development & is seeing rapid growth since our major platform rebuild. We’ve dedicated our resources to ensure your Playeasy pages organically hit Google, the Playeasy network & additional channels to bring you more business.

Trending Event: Seacoast United Soccer’s Capitol Cup

Set it & forget it – Here’s a real time example of a Playeasy event page that took just minutes to create & went viral over the weekend. The event page appeared on the top of Google search results, was picked up on the top of Google Calendar, & created a better event experience by providing all event information in one place. Every piece of content on Playeasy is already Google-optimized for you, meaning every page is built to automatically appear at the top of search results.

In the last 30 days, the Capitol Cup event received over 3,600 views & 670 registration clicks, most of which came from organic Google search. These are real time numbers & visibility your events are receiving 24/7 with no work on your end, so you can focus on running your events!

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