We could not be more excited to unveil the first and only women professional kickball league and our new team identities. Countless hours of creative sessions and collaboration went into bringing these team brands to life. Each team’s identity represents the fabric of their local community while also embodying the WMLK vision and ethos: they are authentic, dynamic, modern and unapologetically bold, “We can’t wait to see our WMLK fans representing their favorite WMLK teams for the 2024 upcoming season.

Every one of these logos has a unique energy, intensity, and electricity that each team and their fans will bring on game day. Now is the time for our fans to get behind a team – THEIR team – and wear these logos and represent their city with pride.”

From the start, we have wanted to deliver our fans nothing but the best, and it is motivating to see our creative vision come to life. We have our cities, our team identities, and our rockstar coaches. Now we get to fill our rosters with hungry and deserving players that will wear their uniforms with WMLK pride.

The WMLK season will kick off on June 29, 2024.