There really is a championship for every city! Playeasy recently hosted a webinar with the NCAA that dove into the 2026-2028 NCAA Championship Site Selection and Bid Process with the Director of Championships & Alliances at the NCAA, Ryan Tressel. We covered key dates to know, how to make your bids stand out, what the NCAA is looking for from hosts, & more! Check out our key takeaways below, access the webinar recording, & discover the Championship Event RFPs on Playeasy!

Watch the Webinar

Access the webinar recording here. Passcode: qCfga?K8

5 Key Takeaways from the NCAA Webinar

1.There is a championship for every city

There are over 125 NCAA events up for bid per year from D1-D3. There are opportunities for small to large market Destinations to host!

  • Don’t shy away from entering the bid process due to your size! There are several repeat hosts from small-market Destinations that continue to successfully host NCAA Championship events.

2. The importance of engaging your community

Having a solid LOC (Local Organizing Committee) is key for NCAA bids. Be creative in engaging your community to provide a seamless, memorable student-athlete experience.

  • Get your LOC organized early. Reach out to community stakeholders including the venue, host school, hoteliers, etc. Each can offer different perspectives to start planning special touches in advance.
  • Do things to stand out! Whether it be organizing a welcome committee, bringing out a red carpet for athletes’ arrival, or providing welcome bags with local treats at the hotel, the small touches go a long way.
  • Add your community partners & local discounts to your Playeasy profile to stand out! Learn more here.

3. Be proactive

For each Championship, there is a Championship Manager who works as the point of contact for potential hosts. They are your support along the way and encourage you to ask questions.

  • There is still time for feedback after your bids are submitted! Bid submissions are due February 7, 2024, but hosts are not announced until October 2, 2024. You can still reach out for feedback after your bids are submitted.

4. Be sure to adhere to bid specifications

The logistics are important in bids. When it comes to facility & space needs, be sure to stick to the specs! 

  • You can be creative in your host Facilities! Be sure to insert links/notes about what makes your Facilities unique hosts.

5. Show visuals to round out your bid

Include visuals of your Destination & Facilities in your bid to make it stand out.

  • Your Playeasy profile has these visuals! This is a great way to use your Playeasy Facilities to showcase your virtual tours & video content in your bids.
  • Check out how to fully optimize your Destination profile here.

The NCAA Championship RFPs on Playeasy

The 2026-2028 NCAA Championship RFPs are broken down by sport on Playeasy! Check out the 20+ RFPs below, key specs for each year & division, & supportive documents. If you’re interested in having a conversation & potentially hosting one of these events, we recommend responding ‘Interested’ to NCAA RFPs of choice in your Playeasy Leads Dashboard.

Need an assist? We’re here to help! Reach out to or contact us here anytime.

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