Warhill Games hosted by Goombay Raleigh-Durham at Warhill Sports Complex in Williamsburg, VA September 16th-17th.

Join us on for our national kickball tournament at the Warhill Sports Complex as teams from across the U.S. come to compete in fun yet highly competitive kickball tournament. We offer both social coed, competitive coed, social ladies, and competitive ladies divisions. Teams will meet to compete for a cash prize, championship belt, MVP trophy, and custom championship rings.

Warhill is an excellent facility for outdoor sports. Warhill houses a soccer/multiuse complex that contains four intermediate grass soccer fields, four premier full-size soccer fields, six synthetic turf multi-use fields, and a concession building. The complex is only 25mins from Bush Gardens.

Hope to see you at the Warhill Games Kickball tournament in Williamsburg, VA in September 2023.

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