The world of ESports keeps growing! Several Esports Organizations are new to Playeasy & we’re highlighting them below. Check out each of their profiles to learn more about their organization, events, and see if they could be a potential partner for you!


“We are an industry leading 501(c)(3) charity consultant that creates and implements global gaming/esports events, programs, and disaster response initiatives for public and private organizations and government systems.”

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Play All Gaming

“We are focused on furthering social engagement in gaming across all platforms.”

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Regiment Gaming

REGIMENT is America’s largest Military Gaming Community where veterans can build relationships with other gamers. We frequently host charities, tournaments, and free events.”

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Amateur Esports Association

“The AEA was founded with one vision in mind: providing a safe place for America’s youth to participate in structured esports. Our focus is to deliver the highest level of youth competition while fostering the development of morale, sportsmanship, and citizenship for all players in the league.

Founded in 2021, the AEA is the premiere youth esports league.”

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Drone Racing League

Drone Racing League (DRL) is the world’s premier, professional drone racing property. The best drone pilots in the world fly in the league and millions of fans watch them race on NBC, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Combining groundbreaking technology and immersive drone racing, DRL is creating a new era of sports that brings high-speed competition IRL, in virtual simulation and in the metaverse.”

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LANFest builds healthy communities through gaming. Since 2002, we have hosted grassroots gaming events bringing people together to have fun, build community, and accomplish good.”

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National Association of Collegiate Esports

“The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) is a nonprofit membership association organized by and on behalf of our member institutions. Together, our members are developing the structure and tools needed to advance collegiate esports in the varsity space. We are collaborating to lay the groundwork in areas such as: Eligibility, Path to Graduation, and Competition & Scholarships. NACE is the largest member association of varsity esports programs at colleges and universities across the U.S.”

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Unified Esports Association

Unified produces iconic gaming and esports events of all shapes and sizes nationwide.

Unified describes its events as tools to activate a community, especially around youth engagement, with proven attendance and reach in the coveted 18-30 demographic.

In addition to operating a renowned collegiate esports circuit, Unified builds events in markets across the USA. This occurs either by attaching to an existing event (such as a music festival, gaming convention, or sporting event) or by partnering with markets or locations (such as casinos, universities, theme parks, or other privately held venues) to produce the proprietary Gaming Festival concept, the only event product in the industry that natively engages both a casual and competitive attendee base.

Distinguished as one of the only esports organizers purpose-built to work with and for destinations, Unified is equipped to bring the world of esports and youth engagement to any market at any time.”

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TGS Esports Inc.

“Full-service Esports solution with customized brand strategies and campaigns highlighted by white-label gaming tournaments that are broadcasted on Twitch and Youtube.”

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New York City Tekken Community Club LLC

“Looking to expand our Esports events to new locations!”

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Prospects by Sports Illustrated Esports

PSI is known for being the platform that allows athletes to compete at the highest level. PSI esports aims to bring that same credibility and legitimacy to esports through structured leagues and intense tournaments.”

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WillPower Esports

“Runs Esport Circuits”

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