LANFest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization who’s mission is to, “Build healthy communities through gaming.” Since its inception in April 2002, LANFest has been holding BYOC LAN (Bring Your Own Computer) events across the nation with 20+ Chapters across 16 States. Each LANFest Chapter is equipped to empower their community to become a Healthy Gaming Community and unite the world through gaming by removing the negative stigma surrounding it.

Since 2002, LANFest has donated a grand total of ~$2.5 Million to over 150 Charities nationwide supporting communities surrounding grieving families, clinical research, feeding the homeless, and more. With 85 National HQ Volunteers and 400+ Chapter Volunteers, LANFest and its members stand with those in need and supports them in one of the most fun and engaging ways possible, GAMING!

LANFests Chapters around the nation host anywhere from 1 – 3 LAN Parties a year. Each Chapter customizes their own LAN Party to support their own growing community. Although each Chapter has the opportunity to customize their own LAN Party, they all follow a standard format which includes: 3-Day LAN, 24/7 Event, Tournaments/Activates, Sponsored Giveaways & Prizes, Local Charity of Choice.

LANFest Chapters are consistently in search of affordable venues to hold their events at. If your Organization or City is interested in hosting a LANFest Chapter at your location, please reach out at or LANFest has established chapters in the states listed below but is always in search of more locations to begin a new Chapter. Learn more about our Chapters and apply to create a new Chapter at

Established Chapters
• LANFest Arizona – Phoenix, Arizona
• LANFest Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia
• ATRLAN – Albany, New York
• LANFest Austin – Austin, Texas
• BelowZero LAN – Minneapolis, Minnesota
• LANFest Boston – Boston, Massachusetts
• LANFest Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
• LANFest Colorado – Castle Rock, Colorado
• Emerald City LAN – Seattle, Washington
• FortLAN LANfest – Fort Wayne, Indiana
• Gamers on the Edge LANFest – Tampa, Florida
• InfernaLAN – Puyallup, Washington
• Lacledes LAN – St. Louis, Montana
• LAN all Night – Dallas, Texas
• MassiveLAN Party – Buffalo, New York
• LANFest Northwest – Portland, Oregon
• RGBLAN – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• RoCLAN – Rochester, New York
• LANFest Sacramento – Sacramento, California
• San Diego LAN – San Diego, California

LANFest not only supports over 20 Chapters across the nation, but LANFest also has capabilities to provide professional services at a reasonable cost. If your Organization or City is interested, please feel free to review our capabilities below. If interested in purchasing these services, please reach out at or

LANFest Services
• Esports and Community Tournament Organization
° Knowledgeable Tournament Administrators
° Online Tournaments
° In-Person Tournaments
° Tournament Series for Professional, High School, and Community Organizations
° Creation of Rule Sets, Platform Brackets, and Communication Resources

• Production Services
° Content Planning & Programming Design
° Talent hiring and management
° Technical Document Creation (Scripts, Run of Show, etc)
° Broadcast Engineering Solutions
° In-Person Productions (IMAG, Stage shows, Studio, Arenas, etc)
° Remote Productions
° Hybrid Productions (In-person with remote guests)
° Esports & Tournament Coverage
° Broadcast Design to match your brand
° Live, data-driven broadcast graphics

• Fundraising Services
Using the LANFest Peer-to-Peer Platform
° Our Team will Create Fundraising Events for your Event.
° Donations through LANFest are 100% Tax Deductible.
° All Donor Data is Shared with Your Organization.
° Donation Receipts are sent by LANFest at the End of the Year to All Donors.
LANFest Provides Services to:
° Outreach to Potential Creators
° Recruit Content Creators to Your Cause
° Campaign Stewardship

• Workshops
Create an experience with multiple types of workshops
° PC Build Workshop
° Modding Workshop
° Stream Workshop
° Production Workshop

• Staff & Volunteer Management
° Professional Gaming Staff
° Technical Expertise
° Friendly and Outgoing
° 30+ Events Annually with Volunteer Management
° Booth Ambassadors

• Panels
Organizing and presenting thought leaders in panels
° Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Panel
° Charity Panel
° Girls Empowerment Panel
° The future of Esports Panel

• LAN & Free Play Services
° Trained and Experienced Staff
° Engaging Activities, Contests, and Tournaments
° Cost Effective Setups
° Network and Caching
° 24-Hour Staffing Available

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