Playeasy gives Sports Destinations & Facilities a platform to market their communities to Event Organizers, sports participants & spectators directly on their Playeasy profile. From hotels to restaurants & entertainment options, local businesses on Playeasy give visitors the tools they need to plan their stay.

Destinations & Event Organizers are sharing their local promotions to participants & spectators prior to & at their events in unique ways. We’re sharing our tips on creating & sharing Playeasy event promotions, plus some top examples of Destinations marketing their promotions in person.

What is an Event Promotion?

Event promotions are an incentive to visit a local business and can be activated on individual Playeasy Marketed Events. Promotions on Playeasy highlight various deals and discounts available at businesses within the communities hosting sporting events.

Once activated, event promotions will be displayed to all visitors of an event page in the ‘Local Promotions’ tab. Additionally, businesses that activate promotions on an event will be listed first in the ‘Places to Eat, Shop & Play’ tab.

What types of events can you market?

No sports event is too small to market! Market any sports events booked at your Destination or Facility to Playeasy in just a few steps, whether it be a local league or a national tournament. To learn how to market an event, click here, or discover some examples below.

What kinds of promotions can you share?

You can share any deals available at local businesses that you’ve marketed on Playeasy! There are a few options for promotions that can be added by a local business to an event. Each one has a description to expand on the offering.

  • ‘Price Off’ – Take a certain dollar amount off of a purchase
  • ‘Percent Off’ – Take a certain percentage off of a purchase
  • Final Price – Provide a final price for an item
  • None – This allows you to create a custom offering by enter a description in an open text box

What’s the difference between a general promotion and an event-specific promotion?

Gold Destinations & Facilities can add promotions to appear on only specific events, or across all sporting events they market on Playeasy.

Event-specific promotions are discounts only available for specific events and are added event-by-event on Playeasy.

  • Create an event-specific promotion by going to your Local Business profile & clicking ‘View as Admin’ on the top right.
  • Head to the ‘Events/Promotions’ tab, your business’ own marketplace of the nearby marketed events the business is appearing on.
  • Click into events to check them out, or simply create a promotion to any event here by clicking the ‘Create Promotion’ button on the event.

General promotions are discounts available to any sports groups visiting your community. These are added once on your Playeasy local business page to populate on all nearby Playeasy marketed events.

  • Create a general promotion by going to your Local Business profile & clicking ‘View as Admin’ on the top right.
  • Head to the ‘Campaigns’ tab, your dashboard to track all existing event-specific promotions & upload a general promotions.
  • Click ‘Get Started’ on the yellow banner to create a general promotion. Once created, this will automatically appear on all Playeasy event pages you create or are tagged on.

How should I share my event promotions?

We recommend sharing your event promotions from the Destination, Facility and Event Organizer prior to & during the event. Here are some of our tips for sharing your promotions:

  • Before the event, have your Event Organizer send out the Playeasy event page link with the live promotions to their email list. This will allow participants & spectators to register, book hotels, & check out things to do & discounts before their trip.
  • Share your event & promotions on social media before the event.
  • Print out your promotion QR codes as flyers/posters to display at your event so attendees can discover nearby deals to take advantage of after the game.
  • Create handouts with the event’s Playeasy QR code to distribute at the event for attendees to scan & plan their outings.
  • Link to your events on your website through an RSS feed to lead visitors right to your Playeasy event pages with promotions.

How can visitors redeem event promotions on Playeasy?

If visitors need to redeem a promotion through a specific website link, you can add any link to your event promotion on Playeasy. This will take visitors to any external site you need when they click ‘See Promotion Details’ on the business page.

If there is no website link to redeem the promotion, a custom QR code will be created for this promotion on Playeasy. On the local business page, have visitors click ‘Show QR Code’ on the promotion banner to show the place of business. The business doesn’t have to do anything with the QR code, it simply shows the discount for the business to apply on their end. Visitors must click ‘Show QR Code’ for you to track that use of the discount as a manager on Playeasy.

The website link clicks and the custom QR code views are what you can track as a Destination or Facility to report to your businesses how many customers you brought them with this discount.

An inside look into Destinations sharing their communities’ event promotions at their events

Rock Hill/York County Convention & Visitors Bureau has taken advantage of adding local discounts to their event pages & promoting these discounts at their events. Check out some of the custom flyers they have available at their events for attendees to scan & discover promotions for after the game!

Visit Brownwood, TX also actively markets their events & discounts on Playeasy. Their team has flyers available at their events for attendees to scan to their Playeasy event pages for attendees to learn more!

Explore Destinations with promotions on Playeasy!

How do I get started?

To get started adding events and promotions, check out these helpful links!

We’re here to help! Reach out to the Playeasy team at for help getting your promotions added & tips on sharing your promotions.