Playeasy recently launched a partnership with 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest & most impactful youth sports club & event operator. We’re highlighting all of their organizations & events by sport. Get to know their volleyball organizations below!

Under Armour All-America Camp Series

“Hundreds of aspiring All-American’s will be invited to compete in the Under Armour Next Camp Series in key regions across the country. Participating athletes will have the opportunity to improve their skills in a high-energy environment complete with drills and game action. The chosen few will earn the right to play in the All-America in Orlando, FL. New in 2022 is the expansion to include Middle School Camps which will be open to the public via paid registration.”

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UA Next Camp Series

UA Next Camp Series
📍Andover, MA

“Hundreds of aspiring All-American’s will be invited to compete in the Under Armour Next Camp Series in key regions across the country. Participating athletes will have the opportunity to improve their skills in a high-energy environment complete with drills and game action. The chosen few will earn the right to play in the All-America in Orlando, FL.”

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Top Court Events

Top Court Events
📍Andover, MA

“Top Court Events provides youth volleyball athletes across the country with the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage. With 25 events spanning 6 states, our national reach makes it simple for club teams to build their schedule while competing in national and regional events.”

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The Academy Volleyball Club

The Academy Volleyball Club
📍Indianapolis, IN

“The Academy has grown into one of the largest and most respected clubs in the nation. There are now 160 teams in three locations, a boys program and a youth academy. The Academy runs 32 events and nearly 10,000 kids come through its doors every year.”

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Academy Volleyball Cleveland

Academy Volleyball Cleveland
📍Valley View, OH

“One of the top volleyball clubs in the Midwest, AVC prepares players with the physical and mental skills they need to be better athletes, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals, both on and off the court. AVC provides a training environment for all skill levels to develop volleyball aptitude, build confidence, and most importantly, have fun.”

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Kiva Sports

Kiva Sports
📍Louisville, KY

“One of the nation’s most iconic and successful girls’ volleyball programs over the last two decades.

Kentucky Indiana Volleyball Academy (KIVA) was established in 2001 by legendary girls’ volleyball coach Ron Kordes. Over the last 20-plus years, Kiva has been one of the premier junior volleyball clubs in the nation with 54 championships and 162 medal finishes in national tournament competition. Kiva has also developed more than 385 athletes who have earned college scholarships.”

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Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy

Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy is dedicated to teaching the sport of volleyball, training volleyball players, and building character in athletes. In addition to their 150 teams, Michigan Elite hosts tournaments and power leagues 20 weekends a year. Motor City Madness is its largest tournament with 600 teams, followed closely by the President’s Day Challenge—which Michigan Elite co-hosts with 3STEP clubs Munciana and FaR Out—with 560 teams.”

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Tribe Volleyball

Tribe Volleyball
📍Deerfield Beach, FL

“The premier South Florida volleyball training club that continues to be nationally recognized. Catering to all levels of volleyball players from the elite player desiring to play in college and beyond to the beginner player just learning the game.

Tribe has adopted the Gold Medal Squared (GMS) methods of teaching and training and is GMS certified. The club draws on its experienced group of coaches—more than 100 years combined at every level—and bases its training and philosophy on human kinetics, psychology, organizational behavior and statistics.”

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Tri-State Elite Volleyball

Tri-State Elite Volleyball
📍Cincinnati, OH

Tri-State Elite Volleyball, the premier Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area volleyball club, provides top athletes with elite training to excel and compete at the highest level. A nationally recognized program, TSE has sent over 200+ players to complete at the DI level since 2014.”

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Munciana Volleyball

Munciana Volleyball
📍Yorktown, IN

“Founded on the principles of teaching, training and player development, Munciana has been one of the elite youth training clubs in the country for decades. The club’s mission is to develop the sport of volleyball and train its players in preparation for the next level of competition, whether that’s a seventh-grade team, high school, college, or national team.”

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MOD Volleyball

MOD Volleyball
📍Chicago, IL

MOD Volleyball Club is committed to providing junior athletes with the highest level of training and leadership to help them reach their fullest athletic potential. We conduct our training using a lead coach system, meaning one highly-experienced coach is responsible for running each carefully-planned practice session with the support of their co-coaches. This means training is consistent from team-to-team, regardless of age or team level.”

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K2 Volleyball

K2 Volleyball
📍Louisville, TN

“Named after one of the toughest mountains in the world to climb, K2 Volleyball is one of the nation’s top club and event organizers. K2 offers club programing from Tiny Tops to elite level and runs a series of indoor and beach tournaments, camps and clinics.”

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North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club

NPJ features year-round programming for girls and boys of all ages. There is a robust in-house recruiting program and the club takes pride in the fact that everyone who has sought to play college volleyball has done so. NPJ also has a large beach volleyball program with beach offered at each location. In Bend, the club operates five beach volleyball courts and runs programming and tournaments.”

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Far Out Volleyball Club

Far Out Volleyball Club
📍Grand Rapids, MI

FaR Out became the pillar of what AAU volleyball is now in West Michigan, as they were the first to bring athletes together from rivaling schools to combine their talents to put Michigan volleyball on the map.

Today, at FaR Out we continue to build upon the original foundations of building relationships and training our athletes in a positive, competitive, and family-oriented environment with coaches who are well-educated, passionate about the sport, and will lead with high integrity. Our coaches and leadership staff devote themselves to our mission at FaR Out to build trust within each team, love their teammates and the sport, and to create a family bond between all our programs.”

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East Coast Power Volleyball

East Coast Power Volleyball
📍Drexel Hill, PA

East Coast Power Volleyball is committed to playing and competing at the highest level, while at the same time creating opportunities for every player to learn and love the game. ECP coaches, who bring extensive experience coaching and playing with club, CYO, high school and college teams, provide a consistent and winning approach to instruction that focuses on athletic fundamentals, technique, discipline, conditioning and teamwork. Our one-of-a-kind training program will prepare our athletes for success at all levels of competition and, for those who want to continue playing after high school, keep them in the spotlight of the college recruiting community.

At East Coast Power we believe that club volleyball can be a positive experience for all, and that we can create a winning program based on integrity and excellence. We’ve assembled a strong lineup of the best and most winning coaches in the region who have the coaching experience, high standards and core values to ensure that your daughter or son will end the season as a stronger, more confident player.

ECP’s ultimate goal is to help our student-athletes reach their full potential on and off the volleyball court by creating opportunities for them to have fun, develop lasting friendships and grow into confident, capable young women and men. Go Power!”

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Maine Juniors Volleyball Club

“Fostering the growth and development of girls and boys volleyball, Maine Juniors is the leading volleyball club in the Northeast. Through Olympic program offerings and proven focus strategies, Maine Juniors has seen their players go on to compete at the highest levels of volleyball.”

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Wildfire Volleyball Academy

Wildfire Volleyball was founded with one goal in mind, to build volleyball players one skill at a time. Our proven track record of success is a direct result of our staff’s commitment to train every athlete that walks in our door with the same level of detail regardless of level of play.

Unlike some clubs, Wildfire won’t put players on its teams until they are ready. Girls ages 6-18 start at the Academy’s training program and eventually get placed on one of Wildfire’s 28 teams starting at 11U. Wildfire’s mission is to train players one skill at a time. It now has 14 national teams and 13 state teams and more than 300 girls in its training program.”

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Florida Power Series

Florida Power Series
📍Florida, USA

“Join us for our second Florida Power Series season as we bring top-talent in the state under one roof across five regional events! Teams can warm up for season kickoff at Winter Warm-Up in December and fine tune skills and competition throughout the season, before culminating the season in May at the Clash of Champions.”

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Northeast Power Series

Northeast Power Series
📍New York, USA

“Hosting thousands of teams annually at 5+ leading regional volleyball tournaments, the Northeast Power Series is the premier volleyball tournament circuit in the region. 2023-2024 registration opens August 1st! Register for upcoming events and tournaments below.”

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