Just how big is the largest youth sports organization in the country? Playeasy recently announced a partnership with 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest & most impactful youth sports club & event operator. Get to know their basketball organizations below!

Maine Hoops

Maine Hoops
📍Saco, ME

“Creating basketball opportunities for players of all ability levels where Sportsmanship and Player Development are the focus. Maine Hoops believes basketball can teach many of life’s lessons on the court, if character and fair play are always part of the process.”

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Swarm AAU Basketball

Swarm AAU Basketball
📍Oxford, MA

“Welcome to Swarm Basketball, the nation’s premier and most extensive youth basketball program. We are committed to revolutionizing youth sports by elevating expectations to new heights. Our program provides an unparalleled experience, boasting a wide range of offerings including club basketball teams spanning from 3rd to 12th grade, as well as immersive camps, clinics, skill development sessions, and leadership opportunities.

At Swarm Basketball, our primary objective is to cultivate a lasting passion for sports in young athletes. We firmly believe that by fostering their dedication, we equip them with essential life skills and invaluable lessons. Our unwavering focus lies in retaining players within the youth sports community, enabling them to unlock their full potential and thrive both on and off the court.

Join us at Swarm Basketball and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your child’s future. Discover the power of sports and the profound impact it can have on personal growth and achievement.”

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North Bay Basketball Academy

North Bay Basketball Academy
📍San Rafael, CA

“NBBA was founded in 2010 by Rick Winter, a top California high school basketball coach who sought to teach young players skills and fundamentals of the game as well as mold them into leaders in the community. The organization was built on three pillars:

-To provide top-level instruction in all aspects of the game in an effort to help young athletes achieve their short and long-term goals.

-To give athletes the necessary skills to perform successfully in basketball and life with an emphasis on sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

-To help players who have the desire, athletic ability, and academic standing to play at the collegiate level pursue athletic scholarships.”

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Hoop Group

Hoop Group
📍Neptune City, NJ

“Basketball Company dedicated to fulfilling dreams by providing the best instruction, competition, and exposure for student-athletes of all ages.”

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Zero Gravity Basketball

Zero Gravity Basketball
📍Beverly, MA

“Zero Gravity is the largest grassroots basketball organization in the country and offers over 100 tournament opportunities throughout 6 regions across the United States. As the official youth organization of USA Basketball and a member of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, Zero Gravity prides itself on the ability to provide a fun, safe, and fair opportunity for every boy & girl in each basketball club, in a professional tournament setting.

Zero Gravity provides every member of grassroots basketball from elementary level to the highest high school competition, tremendous exposure and an opportunity to play in top flight venues without the rigors & confusion of planning, searching, & trying to build a seasonal tournament schedule. Customer service is our #1 priority before, during, and after each tournament. We focus on the experience of the players, coaches, team-supporters, & program directors. Paying close attention to all these groups is vitally important to fulfilling our mission & promise to deliver a circuit of exceptional basketball tournament weekend experiences.”

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USA Youth Hoops

USA Youth Hoops
📍Indianapolis, IN

USA Youth Hoops is the largest event operator in the Midwest. They run over 100 events a year, including the Midwest Adidas Gauntlet Circuit.”

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Adidas 3SSB Boys Basketball

3SSB (3 Stripes Select Basketball) serves as adidas’ leading youth basketball platform that provides the tools necessary for student-athletes to be successful on and off court.

Through our exclusive adidas sponsored spring and summer basketball circuit, 28 selected programs from across the nation will compete against one another in (3) NCAA “live period” events; allowing the elite student-athletes to showcase their skillsets and talent in front of hundreds of D1 college coaches, national media and scouts.”

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Premier Basketball Tournaments

Premier Basketball is a basketball tournament, player evaluation, and recruiting service that helps connect youth boys and girls basketball players with college coaches from around the country through events and exposure opportunities. Our primary goal is to create environments that promote player development and growth of the game. We want to provide the opportunity for players who aspire to play at the collegiate level to play in front of and be connected to college coaches of all levels. Three branches exist within the Premier Basketball umbrella: Premier Basketball Tournaments, Premier Basketball Report, and Premier Basketball Exposure Plus.”

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All-Academic Basketball

All-Academic Basketball
📍Wilmington, MA

All-Academic Basketball provides top level student athletes a venue to showcase their basketball talents in front of the best academic institutions in the country. Each showcase offers informational sessions and guest speakers that prepare athletes for recruitment and playing collegiate basketball.

In 2019, 200+ coaches and 30 states were represented at All-Academic showcases.”

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Select Events Basketball

Select Events Basketball
📍Baltimore, MD

Select Events was founded in 2017 when we saw a void in the college exposure youth basketball market in the Northeast.
Soon after, Select Events began to grow a reputation for the largest and most organized events in the Northeast region.
Since, Select Events decided to expand its footprint to provide the same experience throughout the country on a national scale.”

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Elite is Earned

“The Elite is Earned Report offers detailed reports from across the country and Canada, led by Chris Hansen and his team of evaluators. Elite is Earned is a skill development and exposure operator female basketball players around the country.”

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Under Armour Basketball Association Boys

The home of Under Armour’s grassroots basketball. Their grassroots platform includes Girls UAA, UAA Boys, UA Rise and UA future, featuring high-level competition among the best youth basketball players in the country at the 17u to 10u levels. The circuit is comprised of high level sessions in the Spring and Summer and culminates in the coveted UAA Finals each July.

The UA Association regularly produces dozens of Division 1 prospects, McDonald’s All-Americans and even boasts numerous alumni in the NBA.”

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PrimeTime Sports

PrimeTime Sports
📍Dallas, TX

With 20 years of youth sports expertise, it’s no surprise that PrimeTime Sports is often imitated, but never replicated. It’s also why PrimeTime Sports continues to blaze trails as the premier event provider of youth basketball in the country.”

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Bigfoot Hoops

Bigfoot Hoops
📍Houston, TX

Bigfoot Hoops provides players from all across the country the opportunity to participate in first-class events, and be seen by scouting services, college coaches, press, and fans nationwide. Bigfoot Hoops is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and organization, and has assembled the best management team in the industry to ensure your experience at Bigfoot Hoops events will be positive.”

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West Coast Elite

West Coast Elite
📍El Segundo, CA

West Coast Elite is the largest event operator on the West Coast. They are one of the 15 members of the Jr.NBA Flagship Network and operate more than 100 events a year in 11 states. Their events have received widespread collegiate attention, and are recognized as some of the top events in the country.”

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Competitive Edge Sports

Competitive Edge Sports
📍King of Prussia, PA

“We host 25 basketball tournaments a year and offer a variety of leagues and programming for athletes of all ages.”

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📍Springfield, MA

Basketbull runs 15+ high level events each year all around the New England Area. The experience of playing at the Hall of Fame makes Basketbull tournaments a destination event for any grassroots basketball team.”

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