Check out the Top 5 Destinations that received the most views from the Playeasy network over the month of March!

1. Visit Boise

1,607 total views in March

“Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Boise is a city that’s both urban and wild. We have grit and glamour. Our a lively, clean, artistic, vibrant, tree-lined city that’s just steps from mountains, a river and hundreds of trails. This is where you come to escape and push your limits.

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2. Snohomish County Sports Commission

1,562 total views in March

“The Snohomish County Sports Commission is here to assist you in making your event a success. The Snohomish County Sports Commission works to enhance Snohomish County’s economy, image as a premier sports destination, and way of life for its residents by attracting diverse regional, national and international athletic events, assisting existing athletic events, supporting development of new athletic events and facilities, and marketing recreational and leisure activities to athletic event organizers and participants.”

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3. Auburn-Opelika Tourism

766 total views in March

“Auburn-Opelika is the home of Auburn University and the premier sports venues in the nation. Not only do we feature the cutting-edge sporting facilities of Auburn University, both cities also offer state-of-the-art accommodations for adult and youth tournaments play in tennis, swimming, softball, soccer, and much more.”

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4. Visit Tri Cities

642 total views in March

​”With our great weather, exceptional venues, central location, and the recent addition of new hotel properties, the Tri-Cities is a prime sports and recreational community. In addition to being an ideal tournament site, you’ll find the community support is second to none. Visit Tri-Cities, along with their Sports Council, will provide the assistance and resources to help promote and support your event from beginning to end.”

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5. Memphis Area Sports Council

548 total views in March

“You’ve heard about Memphis: home of the blues, soul & rock ‘n’ roll on the mighty Mississippi River (and soon to be the home of the new Memphis Sports and Events Center). Now, get to know the Memphis Sports Council. We are dedicated to helping make your event a winning one. By utilizing our network of local services, your group can take advantage of opportunities usually reserved only for Memphis residents. Local sports leagues, sporting goods stores, city and neighborhood organizations, government and media relations, visitor guides, communications and marketing – you name it, our team can connect you. In addition, we can help you find the best Memphis event venues, hotels, attractions and dining options for your team. The best part? Our services are free.”

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