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1. Sideline Soccer Solutions

809 profile & event views in March

Sideline Soccer Solutions provides tournament management services to youth soccer clubs. We can manage a previously sanctioned tournament or assist an already established event. We offer management and assistance in recruitment of teams, registration, scheduling, and event day operations. We can provide full service management as well as a la carte services.”

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2. Teammate Basketball

660 profile & event views in March

“We’re a grassroots basketball organization who’s mission is to empower our youth through quality basketball events while positively impacting the communities in which they’re held.

At Teammate Basketball, we believe the traits that make a great teammate are the same traits that will carry over into other areas of a young athlete’s life. Selflessness, work ethic, communication, respect, reliability – all these things contribute to success on the court, but more importantly serve as essential life skills. Our goal is to foster an environment, not only where basketball skills can be enhanced and exposed, but also where kids can learn what it takes to be the ultimate teammate.”

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3. USA Tournament Series

393 profile & event views in March

“The 2023 spring/summer season will be our first season in operation. We will run nine events across the South Shore of Massachusetts for the 2023 season for teams ages 9-17u.”

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4. Prospect Wire Baseball

349 profile & event views in March

“Prospect Wire runs a variety of events such as individual showcases, team tournaments, combines, parent seminars, ID Camps, and more.

We run various events/tournaments throughout the US for the 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u & 18u age groups. We provide in depth scouting reports from former MLB area scouts, in areas such as running, fielding, arm accuracy, hitting and more, over the course of several live action games.”

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5. International Sporting Events

339 profile & event views in March

“iSE’s company’s purpose is to provide the best youth soccer tournaments to our partners and members. At iSE we use the best possible facilities available, at a cost-effective price point. This allows us to manage the tournament experience to match competitive soccer teams with games that will be meaningful and worthwhile for the player development. Our company exists to help facilitate in the overall soccer landscape to provide all players the chance to compete and experience success in learning and success in life.”

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