Let’s have a surface-level discussion: Fields, pitches, courses, arenas, courts, stadiums, rinks, tracks. Like any community of a quarter-million people, Ogden, Utah has an abundance of virtually every type of surface and seating the sporting world needs. On them, the area has hosted everything from regional tournaments and national championships to World Cup events and Olympic Games.

However, it’s what’s beyond the surface(s) that makes Ogden the destination of choice for event organizers. 

Photo: Kade Robins


Let’s start with geology. The western, most populated part of the area sits at the base of the stunning Wasatch Mountains on what was once the lakebed of ancient Lake Bonneville. Today’s Great Salt Lake is what remains of that once vast, inland sea. In short, the topography contains areas as flat as the Bonneville Salt Flats (located on the opposite side of the lake) while in the shadow of rugged peaks that reach to nearly 10,000 feet. The resulting views from virtually any sporting venue are simply unsurpassed and guaranteed to pop up all over the Instagram accounts of participants and spectators.

Want to talk geography? Ogden sits just 35 minutes from SLC International Airport and at the intersection of two major interstates, I-15 and I-84, making it easily accessible from anywhere. 


Beyond the stunning beauty and ease of accessibility, Ogden’s hospitality and capability to host events of all sizes are what has earned it the nickname, “Title Town USA” by organizers including the NCAA, XTERRA, USA Cycling, Dew Tour, Triple Crown, Spartan, World Cup Archery and more.

Following the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, where Ogden hosted alpine ski events and curling, local organizers and volunteers created the GOAL Foundation. The acronym originally stood for “Greater Ogden Athletic Legacy” and harnessed the spirit and training of Olympic volunteers to support both traveling and locally produced sporting events. 

Twenty years on, the GOAL acronym has morphed into “Get Out and Live,” and the organization has grown to over 2,000 local volunteers who provide nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer athletic event support annually.

Beyond trained event support, there’s the general hospitality of the area’s lodging, dining, cultural, and arts communities that are accustomed to welcoming event participants and spectators throughout the year. 

Bottom line, Ogden’s captivating beauty, ease of access, affordability, world-class facilities, logistical support, and historic vibe ensure that any athletic event in the area will be memorable.

For more information on hosting your event in Ogden, Utah, reach out to Millie Stewart at Visit Ogden. 801-778-6254. Millie@visitogden.com