In 2018, the Playeasy co-founders struggled to find places to hold sports events and set out to create an online solution. Entering 2023, Playeasy has more than 280 subscribed Destinations, 500 Event Organizers, 15,000 Facilities, and 3,000 Events on the platform.

Playeasy wrapped up 2023 in a big way with our release of Lead Management 2.0. This is the foundation for what we aim to implement in the future. As we look ahead into 2023 and beyond, Playeasy’s next product launches will enhance the industry by facilitating connections around the entire sporting event, as well as by providing more robust marketing functionality across the platform.

Q1 2023

Advance Analytics / Reporting​ – We’re starting by surfacing advanced analytics through the platform. From event registration clicks to RFP views, we will be able to report total views of content across the platform so we can help you start to better target specific audiences.

Local Business Profiles​ – Community engagement is a big theme for 2023. We are bringing on local businesses to work with Destinations, Facilities and Event Organizers to service events through Playeasy. This will allow for better collaboration and better event offers across the board.

Vendor Lead Generation​ – Vendors will get leads from Destinations, Facilities, and Event Organizers so they can offer meaningful deals and help empower the network.

Q2 2023

Local Business Lead Gen​eration – While a vendor typically has more of a digital presence, a local business has a location. In 2023, we will be providing targeted to leads that matter for local businesses, too. If an event is looking for sponsorship, Playeasy will direct that lead to the local businesses to level up that event.

Destination Associations​ – Association profiles are getting revamped and expanded. We’re taking our state pages today and enhancing their value, while also introducing association profiles for new customer types. Association profiles will provide a bird’s eye view of all activity and leads from the top down coming through Playeasy.

Event Organization Associations​ – Event Organizations are also getting association profiles to increase brand awareness with their sub-brands. Many Event Organizations have several branches with an overall parent brand that needs that association made clear. Event Organization Association profiles will allow for that connection and overarching lead management capabilities.

Q3 2023

Posting 2.0​ – Posting is being taken to the next level. In Q3, the product will allow for end-user posting, so users can tell their story with ease.

Targeted Ad Campaigns​ – More targeted ad campaigns will use that enhanced posting capability, Playeasy events, newsfeeds, and more to cohesively target exactly who you want to hit. Our advertising offerings are live today, but the next version will be end-user configurable for users to drive their campaigns to maximize their impact.

Personalized News Feeds​ – When users log into the Playeasy, each will have a unique, catered experience based off their interests, the sports they participate in, and the role they play in the network itself.

We are always open to your feedback as we evolve for next year. Please contact at any time with questions or feedback.