Increasing your views on Playeasy starts with increasing your activity and the content you add to the platform. Every page on Playeasy is automatically Google-optimized for you. This means any piece of content you add to Playeasy, whether it be an event or a post, is already built to appear in Google search results. The more complete your profile and the more content you have added, the higher you also appear in Playeasy’s Marketplaces & Directories and the more places you’ll be displayed on the platform.

Taking the following steps will start to increase your views on Playeasy and get your brand discovered in new ways.

Complete your profile

The more complete your profile, the higher you appear on Playeasy’s Marketplaces & Directories. Fill out all of your profile tabs to create a positive visitor experience. Include a robust description with keywords about your organization, add photos, your website and social media links, a YouTube or Vimeo video to display on your profile, and more!
Click Here for Destination Profile Tips

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Post your Content to Playeasy

Destinations and Organizations posting on Playeasy are receiving more profile views than those that are not. Your posts are optimized for desktop and mobile. Be sure to include interesting text, photo & video content. The most recent posts appear on the Playeasy homepage, newsfeed, and sports-specific posts will appear on Playeasy’s Sports Hubs as well. Good post topics include grant funding initiatives, facility availability, event announcements, press releases, and more. Click here for a breakdown of how and what to post on Playeasy.

Posting is available for Gold Destinations, Event Organizers, Vendors & Subscribed Facilities

Market events

Market your past and upcoming events to round out your profile and get noticed in Playeasy’s global Event Marketplace. Playesy’s Event Marketplace is one of the most visited pages on the platform, meaning your events will maximize their reach here while bringing more views to your profile. In just a few steps, add custom event pages with registration links to your profile & Playeasy’s Event Marketplace. To learn how to market events, click here.

Add video to your profile

Choose your best promotional video to display to keep visitors on your profile longer. Paste a YouTube or Vimeo link on your Destination and Facility profiles to further enhance them and bring you more views!

Sync Playeasy to your Website

Our new product launch on January 2, 2022 will allow for simple, dynamic website integration. Sync Playeasy content to appear directly on your website seamlessly & boost your Google search results as a result. Connect your Playeasy events, posts, or facility profiles to dynamically update on your website 24/7/365.

Invite your network

Invite your network to follow you on Playeasy to boost your views and grow your circle on Playeasy.

Create a Boost Campaign on Playeasy

Take it a step further with targeted advertising on Playeasy. This is the most innovative marketing offering in the industry. Our dynamic cost-per-click model empowers you to only pay for user engagement & track your success along the way. Boost your profile, an event or post to get you more views on the platform. Contact us for a breakdown of our advertising offering or to discuss a plan that would be best for you.

For any questions or to further discuss how to increase your views on Playeasy, contact our team here.