2022 was big for Playeasy. We kicked off this year with the goal of increasing the connections made on the Playeasy platform. We’ve seen 800% YoY active user growth, with 12k unique users on Playeasy per month compared to 1k in 2021. All of our product updates and initiatives were focused on increasing connections and growing our customers’ digital presence, both inside and outside the platform.

Today, we’re reviewing our top milestones from 2022, from relaunch of our platform to our comprehensive Google optimization strategy.

The Platform Relaunch

The Next Generation of Playeasy

In 2022, we gathered our learnings from our customers over the past few years to create the experience you need. In August, Playeasy launched an entirely new platform that we rebuilt from the ground up. The goal was simple – to connect the entire sports tourism ecosystem and unlock a new wave of sport consumers at scale. The launch included enhanced marketplaces, stronger lead generation and updated social features to allow our users to truly power their business in one place. In 2023, our product updates will only continue based on your feedback to streamline your business and provide a better user experience.

Event Marketing Launch

In 2022, we launched our event marketing features to provide more value to Event Organizers and Destinations in addition to site selection requests. As we understand the world through the Event Organizer’s eyes, we are driving and expanding our value across the entire event journey, not just in booking venues.. Playeasy empowers Event Organizers to create a profile to digitally showcase themselves, find Destinations and Facilities to book events, and now to market events to boost registration. In 2023, we’ll further enhance event marketing for you to connect with local businesses and sponsors around your events.

Comprehensive Google Optimization Strategy

Driving new connection and brand awareness doesn’t just happen inside the platform, but begins in how you’re organically discovered where people are searching. In 2022, Playeasy invested in organic growth through extensive SEO development and has seen rapid growth since our major August release. We’ve dedicated our resources to ensure your every one of your Playeasy pages organically hit Google, the Playeasy network & additional channels to bring you more business.

The Playeasy App

We built the Playeasy App, the first ever sports tourism mobile app, to create a seamless mobile Playeasy experience and to help foster connections on the road. With instant messaging, push notifications for hot leads, and shareable customer profiles, this allows users to discover new places, organizations and events on the go. We’ve loved seeing the app in action, whether it be our customers sharing their profiles in-person at conferences or discovering hot leads right at their fingertips.

Data & User Traffic Visibility

It’s one thing to have the google analytics and to see how many users are coming to your profile, but it’s another to really understand and integrate that data into your product and processes to allow us to give visibility into what’s happening on the platform at scale. Our product team has done a lot of work on the backend to give you more insight on what the site traffic is doing, what it means and how you can best reach this community of internet users in the sports space. We can’t wait for you to see these results come 2023.

Looking Ahead

In 2023, we are dedicated to help provide our partners the tools to win the internet and set themselves apart digitally from their competition. We have built a truly robust platform that is always working behind the scenes to showcase you. Next year, we aim to work with you to make you as successful as possible to reach more people and close more deals. Here’s to another year of growth, innovation and connection. Thank you for being a part of the Playeasy community!