Pixellot’s brand-new business model for indoor and outdoor sports facilities is changing the game. The company is now offering free hardware, software and camera installation, while qualified facilities gain a new exclusive revenue stream and receive up to 50% revenue share from all video subscriptions and renewals. For more info or to answer any questions, please schedule time with Donnie Campbell.

Let’s dive into how Pixellot is transforming the sports industry and how you can get started today: 

About Pixellot

Established in 2014, Pixellot provides sports complexes and facilities with a turnkey solution to broadcast live video of the events you host and create new revenue streams for you with no out-of-pocket cost. “We are revolutionizing and democratizing sports by enabling more access to video, more control over your content and brand, and ultimately more money to flow to the facilities and venues that host sports events, including at the grassroots level,” Donnie Campbell of Pixellot shares.

Further, Pixellot’s analytics tools give coaches and athletes even more access and connection to the “game-inside-the-game.” “Our analytics tools are used to assess team and player performances, to address tendencies, and for ‘film study’ that helps players and teams improve their performances and create highlight video for recruiters,” Campbell adds.

Playeasy is working with Pixellot to market this strategic offering to continue enhancing business in the sports tourism industry. Check out Pixellot on Playeasy here, and book a meeting with their team here.

Solving a Need

In today’s world athletes, families, and coaches demand video of all their important games. Facilities having their own robust and custom-branded digital streaming solution is continuing to become a greater need for Event Organizers as they select a host facility.

Pixellot empowers facilities to offer added value to event participants (athletes, coaches, parents, fans, marketing partners, and boosters). With so much content available on demand, Pixellot delivers meaningful content: live and recorded sports video for families who are passionate but cannot attend in person.

And Pixellot does this in a way that generates revenue for you with minimal extra effort. With all due respect to the NBA or NFL stars, the most important players in the world for all parents are their children – and their special moments must appear on video.

Transforming the World of Sports 

Pixellot is expanding sporting events’ reach on a global scale and bringing the power of sports back to the ground level. By getting facilities set up at no cost, Pixellot is in turn elevating the event experience for Event Organizers, participants and spectators.

In sports media, power has historically been held in few hands. Pixellot is transforming the game, creating new revenue models, and placing power where it belongs and where it is most needed: at the grassroots, where you, as a facility owner/manager, can benefit.

“Since Pixellot’s founding in 2014, the company has filmed 2 million games across 19 sports, focusing on schools and youth sports organizations,” Campbell said. “Facilities that host a variety of events have their own unique needs, and Pixellot is here to help. You can install our automated cameras for zero out-of-pocket costs, and without lifting another finger, you can brand the broadcast from your facility, retain all rights to that content, and generate an entirely new revenue stream.”

Playeasy x Pixellot

Playeasy and Pixellot have the same core vision: to bring connection to the entire sports community and help make sports accessible to all individuals, not just in helping people play but also helping their loved ones watch without having to miss a moment. Bringing automated streaming solutions into facilities at no cost helps make this vision a reality.

How to Get Started: Enhance your Facilities with Pixellot 

Setup is simple. A Pixellot project manager works with an individual in your organization to assess needs, event schedules, and technology capabilities at your facility. Pixellot does the heavy lifting, and you are broadcasting live within days of your agreement to become a Pixellot partner facility.

Getting started with Pixellot is quick and easy. Learn more about their offering on their Playeasy profile here and directly book a meeting with Donnie Campbell on their profile’s ‘Schedule Meeting’ link.

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Brenna Collins, Playeasy Content Creation Manager
Written By: Brenna Collins