When planning a successful sporting event or tournament, event directors are in search of an ideal host city that checks all the boxes. From diversity of facilities, ease of transportation, access to collegiate-level resources, hotel accommodations, and a plethora of activities off the field, Lubbock, Texas knocks it out of the park. Lubbock Sports sat down with Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) Senior Vice President of the West and Canada Steve Avila to discuss what makes Lubbock the premier destination to host your next sporting event.

LS: What attracted CABA to host the CABA 18U Wood Bat World Series in Lubbock, Texas?

SA: Well, the combination of being able to play here at Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian University, and obviously with the high school facilities here, I mean, they’re outstanding. So, it’s the destination. But being able to play in front of a high-power Division 1 school like Texas Tech and a high-power division school like Lubbock Christian University really takes it over the edge. The coaching staffs have been outstanding. The kids love the fact that they get to play here. So, facility wise and the combination of Lubbock Sports with Scott Harrison; It’s a no-brainer.

LS: What advantages have you found by hosting your tournament in Lubbock, Texas?

SA: Everybody knows the colleges in this area. The athletes want to come here and play in front of these college coaches. Because there are so many colleges around here, the coaches are coming in to see the players. And the athletes are excited to be able to play in front of two good programs. So, in my opinion, that’s your biggest advantage.

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