Playeasy and Raconteurs/PUSH Magazine are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining sales efforts to offer cooperative advertising opportunities to the sports tourism industry.

Saint Augustine Beach, FL & Cohasset, MA – Raconteurs, PUSH Magazine, and Playeasy are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining sales efforts to offer co-operative advertising opportunities to the sports tourism industry.

With technology playing a critical role in every aspect of business, organizations recognize the need to accelerate their digital solutions development to ensure they remain on the competitive forefront. The PUSH-Playeasy partnership combines deep-rooted skills in business and technology strategy, ideation, technology development, and positioning to provide greater exposure for organizations in the sports tourism industry.

“The PUSH-Playeasy partnership is a powerful combination. Our shared understanding of complex digital product interactions and our collaborative approach is uniquely complimentary and defines teamwork. We believe this partnership helps generate industry leading advertising technology products and platforms,” said Matt Dunn, Raconteurs President/CEO. “With a solid number of co-ops variations, this partnership will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients.”

“Partnering with PUSH Magazine’s digital offerings allows us to combine portfolio strategies on our next generation of digital products for the sports tourism industry,” said Kerri Shields, Co-Founder & President at Playeasy. “Together, as one team, we are working to create a more connected digital ecosystem for the sports industry.”

As an indication of commitment to the partnership, each entity will offer and sell opportunities for the other at a 20% discount. Advertisers on PUSH Magazine receive a 20% discount on Playeasy’s Gold Membership, while Playeasy Gold Members Receive a 20% discount on advertising packages in PUSH Magazine. If both a PUSH Magazine advertisement and a Playeasy GOLD membership are purchased together, clients will receive a 20% discount off both offerings. By virtually connecting their digital offerings and expertise, the collaboration represents a meaningful change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market.

About Raconteurs/PUSH Magazine

Raconteurs, based in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, is an international, advisory firm specializing in organizational relevancy and influencing positive change for businesses in the sports events and tourism industries. Our team helps clients become extremely relevant to their industry, and the markets they serve, by demonstrating a series of core values.

PUSH, a sports tourism digital magazine, takes an innovative approach, reaching out to professionals who are passionate about the sports events and tourism industry. The sports tourism industry is constantly changing. To thrive, professionals need tools and resources that keep them up to date on industry trends, engaged in the sports ecosystem, and healthy both mentally and physically. There’s no time for fluff. PUSH provides the sports tourism industry with a consistent source of unbiased information, tools for navigating the industry lifestyle, and best practices that produce results. Engage with your target audience and align yourself with industry adaptation. Join us in the PUSH to redefine the potential of positive sports tourism impact.

About Playeasy

Founded in 2018, Playeasy has rapidly become the largest online network of sports destinations, event organizers & athletic facilities in the US. Playeasy enables Event Organizers, Destinations, Sports Facilities & Vendors to streamline their ability to conduct business by creating online profiles where they are able to search, find, communicate, create posts & connect with each other through one seamless platform.

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