Sponsorship Opportunities for Sporting Events 

Beyond the game itself, several touchpoints go into creating a successful tournament or sporting event. Where will your participants eat? How can you ensure it is a memorable, fun experience? Sponsorship opportunities help bring your event to the next level by offering unique, add-on experiences during the competition. On the local level, many local businesses are simple to connect with to win those sponsorships. On the national level, there are large brands ready to sponsor hundreds of groups and earn them more consistent sponsorship dollars at scale.

Axe sports tournament booth

About LeagueSide 

LeagueSide’s mission is to give everybody the opportunity to play. The organization connects youth sports tournaments, adult leagues, and community sports organizations across the country with sponsorship opportunities to enhance their events. LeagueSide is bridging the gap between local sporting events and regional and national sponsors who otherwise would not have the opportunity to connect and work with one another. Rather than a brand sponsoring just one event, LeagueSide empowers them to sponsor hundreds of events across the country, strengthening their brand while assisting and enhancing local sports.  

“We are increasing the number of sponsors that are going to these local community organizations, but on the flip side, making sponsoring local organizations scalable, turnkey and effective for these brands so they are able to do it on this local and community scale.”

Kristen Thut, VP of Growth at LeagueSide

How does it work? 

Event Organizers can sign up for LeagueSide at no cost, list their sponsorable inventory on the site, and the LeagueSide team will help connect them with regional and national sponsors they otherwise might not have access to. If a sponsorship offer is a good fit, the Event Organizer reviews and accepts the offer and executes the sponsorship. From there, they are able to grow their sponsorship revenue down the line with additional sponsorship opportunities. The process is seamless and stress-free, with the LeagueSide team taking the sponsorship outreach off the Event Organizer’s plate, allowing them to focus on successfully running their events. 

The Breakdown

  1. Sign up 
  1. Receive offers 
  1. Review and accept 
  1. Execute sponsorship 
  1. Grow sponsorship revenue 

What types of sponsorships are available? 

Opportunities for sponsorships include food and beverage sample distribution and onsite brand activation. Axe, the men’s care brand, has worked with LeagueSide to offer a colored hair gel sampling campaign at multiple tournaments.

Axe sports tournament booth set up

LeagueSide on Playeasy 

On Playeasy, Event Organizers will be able to select if they’d like to gain sponsorships for their event after creating a Marketed Event on the platform. Events with 500+ participants work best. From there, a LeagueSide team member will reach out with possible fits. For any questions or inquiries, head to LeagueSide’s Playeasy profile to message a team member here.