At Playeasy, our customers’ voices are what drive our product and vision forward as we advance together. We strive to fulfill your needs and score you more business. As we continue to make enhancements, we wanted to provide you with an update on where things are going. 

For the past two years, our product team has worked to build a digital platform for the entire sports tourism community to ease the sports planning process and bring more sporting events to more Destinations. As we’ve grown, we’ve made more connections and welcomed hundreds of Destinations and Event Organizers to Playeasy. Our goal moving forward is to directly serve our customers to grow their brands and win them new events.

White-Glove Marketing for Gold Destinations 

Essentially, the Playeasy Gold Destination subscription just got better. We’ve combined our marketing and support departments to create a community success team that will focus on best promoting Gold Destinations. This community team will act like a mini-marketing agency that will help our Gold partners create and post unlimited content, and make sure that each piece of content is being seen by the right types of Event Organizers to help drive more connections. Our goal will be to feature these customers in Playeasy’s content, as well as assist them in getting posts of their own out to the Playeasy network. We’ll also be here to answer any support questions & enhance the overall Playeasy experience.

What are we here to help with?

Meet the Community Team

Playeasy's Community Success Team

Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime for assistance. We can’t wait for what lies ahead. 

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The Playeasy Community Success Team

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