Warning sign bad weather ahead

Every year, thousands of events are forced to cancel due to unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. At the eleventh hour, teams are left paying for events they could not experience. On the backend, it is impossible for the Event Organizers to refund due to their own out of pocket up-front expenses. This is why event cancellation insurance for teams was created – to protect your investments into your sport. US Sports Club Insurance (USSCI) offers the only event cancellation insurance for teams in the nation, ensuring teams are guaranteed to receive what they paid for.

To break it down – If an event costs $300 to attend and has a 3-game guarantee, every game has a value of $100. If your team played one game prior to the cancellation of the event for a covered reason, your refund would be the remaining fees for your unplayed games ($200) from USSCI. Register here at least 30 days prior to your event to protect your investment.

Events get cancelled. It happens. With USSCI, you can finally register for an event and take the worry out of the weather in just 3 simple steps:

1. Enter Event Details
2. See if you Qualify  
3. Purchase and have Peace of Mind

For more information, head to USSCI’s Playeasy profile here. To register for event cancellation insurance for teams, click here.