Arion Herbert, MARS League Owner
Arion Herbert, MARS League Owner

In 2016, Arion Herbert founded MARS, or Main Attraction Recreational Sports, to bring adult kickball to Charlotte, NC. Flash forward to 2022, and Herbert is running his lively adult kickball tournaments called Turf Wars across the US. Thanks to the events’ contagious energy and Herbert’s proactive leadership, MARS has earned over 15 million views on TikTok and has been featured in several articles across sports and news outlets.

“All of this press happened organically and grew. We started teaming up with products and services at our events, and from there PR was generated as we go. We never imagined that these articles would be created about us. When the first one was written, I didn’t realize the impact these could have,” Herbert shares. “It feels good to know the game itself is getting the exposure that I believe it deserves. Kickball has been around for a long time, long before we got involved. Just to see that we are playing a role in getting exposure for a sport that so many people in different communities feel passionate about feels great,” he continues.

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For more information on MARS, and to learn how you could join or host their next event, head to their Playeasy profile here.