What’s to Come

At Playeasy, our goals for 2022 all come down to increasing the connections made on our platform. Our product team has been busy designing the playbook for Playeasy to truly transform the sporting event industry. We wanted to take this opportunity to share what is to come in our product in 2022. Check out the game-changing features that are on deck to go live in the next few months.

Event Marketplace Pilot

How can sporting event planners reach new interested participants at scale? Our revolutionary Playeasy Event Marketplace will connect both sides of the equation – the planners to the players – to grow events and build relationships across the nation. Playeasy’s Event Organizers’ Marketed Events will automatically be displayed on Playeasy’s filterable event marketplace, which will be accessed by thousands of teams and clubs through our partnership with TeamSnap, the leading provider of sports management software. Check out our press release here. Here is what is to come:

  • The industry’s first ever two-sided filterable marketplace to unite Event Organizers, Destinations, and Venues to sports organizations, active teams, players, parents, and fans.
  • Event Organizers and Destinations can create a Marketed Event, their own webpage to advertise their upcoming sporting event, within minutes. Enter your event name, location, dates, description, and include links to registration and hotel booking pages.
  • Viewer Analytics will allow Event Organizers to measure key metrics including total profile views, unique visitors, viewing time, profile views by region, clicks on your registration link, and more.
  • Marketed Events will be seamlessly integrated into Event Organizer profiles under the Event Portfolio tab.
  • Playeasy and TeamSnap users can scroll this interactive marketplace, select events of interest, and register directly through embedded links.
  • Social features will allow users to engage with events and users of interest. With liking, users can save events to their favorites. Users will also be able to follow Playeasy users featured in the Playeasy Event Marketplace to get updates on future events.

Learn more here.

Expected release date – March 2022

Enhanced Messaging

Email and phone calls don’t deliver the immediacy that the digital age requires. The process of discovering new contacts in the sports tourism industry was previously inefficient. Messaging on Playeasy allows you to instantly reach out to Playeasy users to grow your business. With our new enhancements, users will be able to start group messages and set their status to on or offline.

Sneak Peek of Group Messaging on Playeasy's App
Sneak Peek of Group Messaging on Playeasy’s App
  • Never miss another potential business opportunity with push notifications for messaging on the mobile app
  • Set your status to on/offline
  • View which of your contacts are online in your messages
  • Your existing messages will automatically carry over to the mobile app – users won’t have to do a thing.

Expected release date – March 2022

Updated Overall Designs

First impressions are important, especially when directly geared to your target audience. That’s why we’re enhancing the designs of features across the platform. Your Playeasy profile is your 24/7/365 sales representative. We took your feedback to ensure our product design is best showcasing your brand.

Updated Event Profile on Playeasy
Updated Event Profile on Playeasy
  • You’ll see improvements across your feed, profiles, and posts, all adding up to a better experience for you and your team.
  • User posts have a sleek new feel to better display your content. To strengthen your connections, users can like one another’s posts in the feed. Learn more here.
  • We’re introducing Event Portfolios to showcase the marketed events Destinations and Event Organizers have hosted to build credibility and add more attractive content to your profiles. Learn more here.

Expected release date – March 2022

Providing the Tools to Enhance Connections

We’ve spent ample time listening to your needs and what would optimize your experience on Playeasy. Our user experience enhancements will allow you to interact with other users across the platform in new ways, get seen by new faces, and receive a deeper behind the scenes look into your ROI.

Connection Tools on a Playeasy Gold Destination Profile
Connection Tools on a Playeasy Gold Destination Profile
  • Users will be able to follow and like profiles, view events, etc.
  • We’re redesigning the Analytics dashboards to give you a more accurate and complete picture, including facility, RFP and event inventory, follower growth, page traffic, and post engagement.
  • A brand new posting experience with an improved design, profile tab, and more opportunities to reach a broader audience.

Expected release date – March 2022

Mobile App

Movement is at the very core of sports. We understand you’re often on the go, which means planning your events can happen on the move, too. Users are gravitating toward their phone much more frequently than a desktop. That’s why we built the Playeasy App, the first ever sports tourism mobile app. This is for you to discover new places and message new connections right from your pocket. Here is what you can expect:

Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Playeasy Mobile App (Coming April 2022)
  • Experience the world of Sports Tourism at your fingertips
  • Engaging Destination Profiles to attract more viewers and potential new business
  • Interactive Local Venue & Event Portfolios​
  • Seamless communication on the go​ with messaging
  • Push notifications for messages and hot leads
  • New avenues for posting featured content​
  • Get seen like never before & drive more leads!
  • Be the first to download the Playeasy Mobile App by signing up for our pilot here!

Expected release date – April 2022

Moving Forward

We can’t wait for these major features to go live in the coming months. Connection is vital to everything we do. From the mobile app to the Playeasy Event Marketplace, Playeasy is building brand new, seamless avenues to create new business, brand recognition, and instant connection for every user. Let’s continue transforming the sports tourism industry together 💪