Threshold 360 Tour of Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Threshold 360

Threshold 360 began with a vision to change the way we can explore new spaces online – graduating from static photos and limited videos to an immersive virtual tour experience. Picture Google Maps but for indoor spaces. This is the technology Threshold 360 delivers across industries to destinations and venues, hotels & resorts, commercial real estate, assisted living, education, and healthcare.  

This capability is increasingly necessary in the sports tourism industry, providing prospective event organizers the opportunity to experience facilities and destinations across the nation with the click of a button. Playeasy partnered with Threshold 360 to bring this across our website and continue to streamline the sports booking process. Keep reading to learn more about Threshold Virtual Tours™, its capabilities, our partnership, and how to enhance your Playeasy profile with it. 

Increasing Need

In a post-Covid world, virtual meetings will still prevail. As restrictions have eased, the growth rate in viewership of virtual tours is even higher than pre-COVID. When COVID first hit, meeting planners relied more than ever on virtual tools, and this shift is expected to remain as they have adopted to relying on these tools.  

Threshold 360 Tour of WakeMed Soccer Complex in Cary, North Carolina.

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours are not videos – they’re an interactive media type built from a carefully arranged set of images, designed to give a feeling of actually being at the venue. 

Virtual tours allow you to explore various areas within a space and have a panoramic view, just as if you were visiting the space in person. Virtual tours allow viewers to truly understand the visual details, size, and ambience of a hotel or resort, far more than two dimensional photos. They are also easier to navigate and more interactive than a passive video experience. Prospective customers and event planners can explore conference spaces, restaurants, rooms, and amenities to get a full picture of the benefits offered.  

Rather than a video tour, with limited linear perspectives and angles, virtual tours allow users to choose their own adventure. Users can spend as much or little time as they’d like in specific areas, and with a 360° view, can rotate in any direction to truly get a feel for the location.

Threshold 360 Tour of Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How Does it Work?

Threshold 360 helps destinations and location-based businesses significantly increase their digital engagement and conversion by bringing locations to life online. 

It’s simple. Threshold 360 has the only nationwide network of certified 360° photographers trained to capture your space in as little as 10 minutes. Threshold optimizes the images to best appear across devices, connects them to emit a lifelike experience and adds navigational devices – all in as little turnaround as 24 hours. Every location receives its own shareable web page which can host multiple virtual tours arranged in a “story”. Virtual tours can be shared via link, social media or embedded into websites, as they are on Playeasy.  

Threshold 360 Tour of Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina.

Playeasy x Threshold 360

Playeasy and Threshold 360 have partnered to bring these virtual tours to Playeasy profiles. In an increasingly digital post-COVID world, virtual tours have entered the sports realm, and they are here to stay. For Playeasy destination pages, Threshold 360 creates an immersive experience, allowing possible future customers to get a true feel for each of your venues. With this feature, event organizers looking to expand to new destinations can preview venues they otherwise may not encounter. For more information, reach out to us to learn about our partner package deal for both individual destinations and statewide organizations.

How to Enhance your Playeasy Profile with Threshold 360 Tours

On average, Playeasy profiles with Threshold 360 virtual tours are seeing 3x the viewers and ~10 minutes longer spent on profile visits

Adding Threshold 360 to your profile on Playeasy will quickly move you up the ranks. This feature increases your rank on our site and brings in more viewers. Thanks to its enhanced view of venues, visitors will also spend more time on your page discovering these tours. Finally, this addition will improve your SEO, meaning increased traffic coming in from search engines. With better visibility, searchability, and as a result, more visitors, implementing Threshold 360 is a no brainer.  

For more information on Threshold 360, head to their Playeasy profile! Learn more about Threshold 360’s sports bundle here.

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Brenna Collins, Playeasy Content Creation Manager
Written By: Brenna Collins