Our Mission

To bring people together through sports, starting with the place they are played.

We believe sports have the power to connect people. Whether it’s a bond that’s created through playing a pick-up game, or an entire community rallying behind their local team. When we are in these moments together, the boundaries that typically separate us disappear, and we instantly become bonded by a more powerful sense of connection.

We also believe that these connections in our communities are being stifled by an inefficient amateur sports communication process, and it begins at the foundation of how sports happen; finding a place to play. Without the field, the court, the rink, the space, a sport cannot exist.

Booking a space to play has operated the same way that it has since the 1980’s. The process can take months, and consists of researching options, calling, emailing and paperwork. In a day and age where we can instantly get a ride from a stranger or track the exact location of our friends, why can’t we easily book a facility? We’re on a mission to make athletic space more available and bring the process of reserving it into the 21st century.

Our Team

Our team is made up of former pro & collegiate athletes and technology professionals, whose passions lie at the intersection of sports & technology. Fed up with the inability to connect with and schedule athletic space to hold our own events, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the solution to help make athletic space, and therefore sports, more accessible to everyone.