Do you ever wonder where the largest grassroots basketball organization host their events? For the Playeasy team, the answer was an easy yes, which is why we decided to work with Zero Gravity Basketball to feature their annual list of Top Ten Facilities in the Northeast.

We at Zero Gravity are truly excited to be working with Playeasy, to improve our facility relations, in all 23 states we operate in. We are thrilled that they are taking the time to celebrate some of the facilities that are best in class around the country. We’re honored to call Playeasy and these facilities partners in the betterment of grassroots sports.

Greg Kristoff, CEO of Zero Gravity

The Playeasy team will be traveling all over the Northeast to highlight the facilities that were chosen by the largest grassroots basketball organization in the country. We will be featuring one facility a week, which will include stories on how the facilities started, photo and video tours of the space, and some interviews with facility owners. These releases will coincide with Playeasy’s expansion across the northeast.

This is an incredible opportunity for our team to highlight some of the best private complexes in the Northeast used by the largest grassroots basketball organization in the country. As we start to expand out of New England, it’s invaluable for us to build relationships and learn from some of the best in the business.

Kerri Shields, Co-founder of playeasy

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